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Fundamentals of Geospatial Technology Certificate

Location is a fundamental attribute of all features. Professionals in a wide range of disciplines are utilizing Geospatial Technology to collect, manage, and analyze geographic information for a deeper understanding of our world. In many disciplines, knowledge of geospatial technology has become a presumed prerequisite and allows users to determine unique and informative knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines and industries.

The Fundamentals of Geospatial Technology Certificate is a project based program that combines theory and application to address real-world problems in a variety of areas and industries. Thus, course material is tied closely to the geospatial industry and participating students will gain valuable experience through project based classes. The courses for the certificate are those regularly offered for the B.S. Environmental Spatial Analysis degree. Completion of the certificate gives students a marketable set of unique skills that will allow them to find employment as a GIS technician. The proposed Fundamentals of Geospatial Technology Certificate is a subset of the courses offered for the B.S. ESA degree and provides students with a marketable set of fundamental geospatial technology skills.

Minor Requirements

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
GISC 2011 - Geographic Information Science
GISC 2011L - Geographic Information Science Lab
GISC 2021K - Geospatial Science and Technology I
GISC 2022K - Geospatial Science and Technology II