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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Communication, Media & Journalism

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The Communication, Media & Journalism Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Film and Digital Media and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with three concentrations: Film & Digital Media Production, Organizational Leadership, and Multimedia Journalism. The department also offers Associate of Arts degrees in Communication, Media Studies, and Journalism, and Minors in Journalism, Film Production, and Communication. Each degree provides a strong interdisciplinary grounding in the liberal arts and either prepares students for a career in digital media production, filmmaking, journalism, public relations, organizational leadership or other communication-related professions or to transfer to other programs.

The Bachelor of Science in Film and Digital Media is a hands-on program that will provide students with an understanding of motion pictures as a form of expression, experience in all phases of the production process, and awareness of how to succeed in the industry.  Graduates will be ready to step directly into the workforce or use the degree as preparation for a graduate program.  The program of study requires students to become competent in all aspects of producation as well as to evelop expertise in a specialization, such as directing, screenwriting, producing, editing, cinematography, audio production, or creating digital effects.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication with concentration in Film & Digital Media Production develops students’ knowledge of the processes and techniques involved in producing motion pictures for theatrical release, for television, and for online broadcast. The program emphasizes technical proficiency, aesthetic awareness, and adaptability. Students will gain an understanding of film history and theory and develop competency in all aspects of production.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication with concentration in Organizational Leadership combines the development of essential leadership skills such as critical thinking, effective speaking, decision-making, and problem solving with the practical application of organizational communication theory.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication with concentration in Multimedia Journalism is a forward-thinking program of study that grounds students in professional ethics and principles of responsible journalism while preparing them for a rapidly converging and evolving field.

The Minor in Journalism provides a foundation in journalism skills, ethics, and practice to students who wish to major in other subject areas.

The Minor in Film Production teaches aesthetic principles and media literacy while guiding students through all phases of narrative film production, from conception and planning to post-production.

The Minor in Communication complements any major program of study by developing students’ communication skills and their awareness of how the various areas of the communication field interrelate.

The Associate of Arts in Communication provides students with grounding in theories and practice of interpersonal and speech communication.

The Associate of Arts in Media Studies introduces students to broadcast, video and sound production, filmmaking, and media analysis.

The Associate of Arts in Journalism introduces students to journalistic writing and multimedia journalism production and develops an understanding of legal and ethical journalism.

The Communication, Media & Journalism Department hosts nationally recognized debate and mediation teams, award-winning student news organizations, a student radio station, and a student film association, all of which support our mission to foster strong communication skills in a global, multicultural environment.

No grade below a “C” will be accepted in the major or minor area, including any classes offered by the Department.



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