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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis (AESA) Environmental Studies Concentration (B.S.)

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The Bachelor of Science in Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis is a blend of both education and preparation designed to produce graduates with skills that meet workforce needs in the Geospatial Technology field with little or no further preparation by employers. The Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis (AESA) degree is composed of a focused curriculum built around advanced Geographic Information Science technology and includes the opportunity for students to customize their learning experience through coursework in environmental science, engineering, information technology, and environmental studies.

  1. Complete all UNG general institutional admissions requirements
  2. Declare a major in Applied Environmental and Spatial Analysis (AESA).
  3. Successful completion of all courses required in the degree program (minimum 120 semester credits).
  4. Successful completion of a minimum of 42 general education credits according to the distribution established by the university (Areas A-E) for its Associate of Science degree program.
  5. Successful completion of at least 39 credits of upper division coursework in the major (3000 and 4000 level courses with the BIOL, GISC, ESCI, ENGR, ENST, ITEC or other approved prefix).
  6. Grades of ‘C’ or higher required for all major courses (BIOL, GISC, ESCI, ENGR, ENST, ITEC etc).
  7. Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) required for graduation.
  8. Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at UNG.
  9. Successful completion of the Georgia Legislative Constitution and History requirements.
  10. For student with previous geospatial coursework from other institutions etc., credit for GISC course work may be determined by placement testing.
  11. Meet all other university graduation policies.

Core Curriculum Requirements 60 hours

Refer to Semester Core Curriculum Areas A-E 

Area A1: No exceptions

Area A2: MATH 1111 or higher recommended

Area B: ENST 2030, ANTH 1102 or SOCI 1160 (ENST 2030 must be taken in area B or E).

Area C: No exceptions

Area D: Choose two courses:

  • BIOL 1102/1102L
  • BIOL 1260/1260L
  • GEOG 1111/1111L
  • GEOG 1112/1112L
  • GEOL 1121K
  • GEOL 1122K
  • Plus: GISC 2011/2011L

Area E: HIST 2112; SOCI 1101 or ANTH 1102; and ENST 2030, GEOG 1101 or GEOG 1102 recommended. (ENST 2030 must be taken in area B or E).

Area F. Courses Appropriate to Major 18 hours

  • Complete area F of any A.A or A.S. degree.

Note: If not completed in the A.A. or A.S. degree, students may need pre-requisite courses for certain 3000/4000 level courses.

Major Requirements 60 hours

Other Requirements

  • Learning Goals
    • US Perspective
    • Global Perspective
    • Critical Thinking
  • US and Georgia History Requirements
  • US and Georgia Constitution Requirements
  • Regents’ Reading and Writing Requirements


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