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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Kinesiology Major with Emphasis in Sports Medicine (B.S.)

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The Sports Medicine degree prepares students for Master’s level studies in the field of Athletic Training. In addition to the academic curriculum, students take part in an immersive semester long internship in their chosen Athletic Training setting. Upon graduation, students will be well prepared to enter graduate studies in Athletic Training and will have an edge over students who did not complete an undergraduate program with a concentration in Sports Medicine.

Athletic Training is recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as an allied healthcare profession. The certified athletic trainer (ATC) is a highly educated skilled professional specializing in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and illnesses. In cooperation with physicians and other allied health professionals, the ATC functions as an integral member of the athletic healthcare team. The certified athletic trainer can work in a variety of settings: secondary schools, colleges or universities, sports medicine clinics, professional sports, health clubs, and industrial settings. The Sports Medicine program prepares students to enter graduate studies in Athletic Training, well equipped for the coursework.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Sports Medicine emphasis is required to enroll in any of the 3000 and 4000 level SPMD classes (except SPMD 2335). A student must complete a minimum of 40 semester hours of credit in order to begin the application process. Admission is highly competitive and admission status is determined upon completion of ALL required application materials and an interview process. To maintain a high level of clinical learning experiences, space is limited in this program.

To be eligible for admission into the Sports Medicine concentration, a student must submit all of the following:

  1. Current transcript showing a minimum of 40 semester hours of credit completed.
  2. Current transcript showing a 2.75 or better overall grade point average at time of application submission.
  3. Current transcript showing all Area A classes, BIOL 2120K, and BIOL 2130K with a C or higher and SPMD 2335 receiving a B or higher. A plan of study approved by the College of Education Admissions Office indicating the anticipated completion of all required prerequisite courses is also acceptable. All prerequisite courses must be completed with minimum grade requirements prior to enrolling in the professional preparation phase of the program.
  4. A completed Application Form for the University of North Georgia Sports Medicine concentration.
  5. A completed University of North Georgia Sports Medicine Observational Hours in Athletic Training Form signed by a BOC certified athletic trainer. Fifty Athletic Training Observational hours are required.
  6. A completed University of North Georgia SPMD Physical Form signed and dated by a medical physician. This physical also includes a Technical Standards Form required by the SPMD. The Technical Standards Form must be signed and dated by the medical physician as well as by the applicant.
  7. An SPMD immunization form signed and dated by a medical physician.
  8. Students must maintain current health insurance throughout the program.
  9. Proof of current Professional Rescuer or Healthcare Provider (American Red Cross or American Heart Association) certification.
  10. Two letters of recommendation, one from non-University of North Georgia certified athletic trainer/faculty and one from non-familial sources.
  11. Professional letter of application stating why student wants to enter the program. Please address the letter to the SPMD Admission Committee.
  12. Interview with SPMD Admission Committee, dependent upon meeting admission criteria.

All forms required for admission can be obtained by accessing the University of North Georgia SPMD web site or by contacting the SPMD coordinator. Please send a completed admission packet to: SPMD Admissions, College of Education, attention: Lori Brooksher.

The deadline to submit admission packages is the first Friday of the spring semester. Please see admissions page for details regarding deadlines for application:

Completed packets will be reviewed to determine if all admission criteria have been met. Applicants will be contacted during the first week in April to schedule an interview with the SPMD admissions committee. Interviews will be conducted during the first two weeks in April. Once all interviews have been completed the committee will meet to select students for admission into the SPMD concentration. The student’s interview and all other admission requirements are the basis for acceptance into the program. Students will receive a letter indicating their status within the SPMD program. Students meeting the requirements but not selected for admittance into the program will be placed on the waiting list.

A student’s acceptance will be withdrawn if prerequisite course grade(s) do not meet minimum requirements. Students will be notified of this possibility at the time of admission.

Technical Standards

The Sports Medicine emphasis (SPMD) at the University of North Georgia is a rigorous program that places specific requirements and demands on the students enrolled in the program. The objective of this program is to prepare graduates to enter Master’s level studies in the field of Athletic Training. The technical standards set forth by the SPMD program will establish the essential qualities considered necessary for students admitted to this program to achieve the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a Master’s of Athletic Training program. All students admitted to the SPMD must meet the expectations found on the Technical Standards form. In the event a student is unable to fulfill these technical standards, the student will not be admitted into the program. The Technical Standards Form must be completed by each candidate and a medical physician. The Technical Standards Form must be submitted as part of the application process.

Additional Requirements

A field placement fee ($100.00) is assigned during the SPMD 4900 course.

Students in the SPMD emphasis will be required to complete a semester long internship with an ATC. Depending on the location of this rotation, students may be required to pay additional fees for travel, housing, uniform, related expenses, etc.

Retention Standards:

  1. Compliance with the rules and regulations prescribed for all students at the University of North Georgia;
  2. Adherence to the National Athletic Trainer’s Code of Ethics;
  3. Clear background check and fingerprinting;
  4. Completion of all courses in the academic major with a grade of a C or better;
  5. Demonstration of competence in the use of oral and written language by way of writing samples in SPMD/KINS courses;
  6. Current certification as a Professional Rescuer or Healthcare Provider (American Red Cross / American Heart Association);
  7. Maintenance of an overall grade point average of a 2.75 for all course work attempted.


Failure to meet any of the retention standards can result in the student being suspended from the SPMD program. A student who fails to meet the retention standards because of illness or other non-academic issues may receive special consideration as his or her case merits.


For the most recent information on current SPMD policies and procedures, please see the North Georgia SPMD emphasis web site.

Core Curriculum Requirements - 60 hours

Refer to Semester Core Curriculum Areas A-E  

Area A1: No Exceptions

Area A2: MATH 1113 recommended

Area B: No Exceptions

Area C: COMM 1110 recommended

Area D: BIOL 1107K and CHEM 1211/L recommended; MATH 2400 required

Area E: PSYC 1101 recommended

Major Requirements - 60 hours

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